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Community Call survey

Listing to the recent community call from Pocket about the DNA and ODC. It would be great if a rep from Poktpool could attend these to represent our members and to relay information from these sections to the community. in addition to the round up...
Guest about 1 month ago in Website Enhancement 0

Dark mode

Dark mode screen option for dark mode users :)
Guest 8 months ago in Website Enhancement 0

Option/notice to select wallets in Staking page

In order for users to staking using a non-primary wallet, they would need to switch wallets in the Account page, then stake. This seems to introduce a lot of potential for user errors. I suggest either - Option to select different wallets on the s...
Guest 6 months ago in Website Enhancement 0

Translations in other languages

Allow more people to use the product
Guest 7 months ago in Website Enhancement 0